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Why Us?

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WHY we and our company are unique

We are a boutique luxury travel agency passionate about travel who can help you experience the world and create a lifetime of memories. Travel is not “one-size-fits-all,” thus, our dedicated travel consultants help you create a vacation based on your TRAVEL DESIRES. Whether you’re looking to experience new cultures, try new cuisines, explore something unknown, or simply unplug for a bit of R&R away from home, our trips are specially curated for your exact travel desires.  

HOW we have built

our successful business

We chose to partner with suppliers who share our philosophy and values. Our travel partners have been carefully vetted, ensuring that our clients’ experiences will be positive and reliable. We have an insatiable desire to never be ordinary – to constantly seek creative and innovative ideas, to renew how and what we sell, and find new products that challenge the imagination.

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WHO we are

Founded in 1993, we are an innovative team with travel passions of varied destinations and travel types.  We love travel. Our collective experiences of diverse cultures, geographic wonders and culinary delights yields a wealth of in-depth knowledge of all areas of the world. We have an impressive selection of accommodations and a network of the best local suppliers around the globe to ensure a seamless, custom experience for travelers.

Travel is a way of life for our firm and for our family, so Classic has become our way of life for over 20 years.  Our travel is very demanding - over 200 ACTIVE travelers, each with their own preferences and all with carry-on only because plans usually change at a moments notice with flight issues or new schedules.  Classic is there for us.  In fact, they have gotten me out of more tight squeezes than I can count.  Thanks for everything! 

Hiter Harris (Co-Founder of Harris WIlliams)

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