Upcoming trip? Is it for work or play?

Classic Travel & Tours is here to help with any upcoming travel plans you have; whether it's coordinating travel for your business or

planning a fun trip out of town!

Let’s face it - we live in an automated, self-service, "want it yesterday" world. The demands of life rarely match the time available, and "do more with less" is practically a corporate mission statement for many of us. The technology that is designed to liberate us and deployed to organize us leaves us endlessly tethered to devices that we love to hate. Humanity is becoming decidedly less human.

Classic Travel & Tours is committed to change all of this for our clients. Our little part of the world...

Travel is a way of life for our firm and for our family, so Classic has become our way of life for over 20 years.  Our travel is very demanding - over 200 ACTIVE travelers, each with their own preferences and all with carry-on only because plans usually change at a moments notice with flight issues or new schedules.  Classic is there for us.  In fact, they have gotten me out of more tight squeezes than I can count.  Thanks for everything! 

Hiter Harris (Co-Founder of Harris Williams)