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Leisure Newsletter - April 2020

GREETINGS! I hope this newsletter finds you safe and healthy. Perhaps you're enjoying time with family, finding joy in the simple pleasures life has to offer. Maybe you're planning a few April Fool's Day pranks? The old rubber band around the kitchen nozzle is always a hit! While this global health crisis is no laughing matter, we're dedicating this edition to sharing fun news with you.

Family Friendly April Fool's Days Pranks (that are stay-at-home appropriate) 1. Write silly messages on that coveted TP roll such as "Remember to wash your hands!" 2. Take a Q-tip with gel food coloring and rim it around the inside of the bathroom sink faucet. Green is our favorite. "Mom, the water is green!" 3. String all the drawers and knobs together in big sis' room. She'll enter to a cobweb mess! 4. Replace framed family photos with random pictures of celebrities. You may be surprised how long it takes before someone notices! 5. Remove one shoe from each pair in brother's closet. 6. Never underestimate the giggle factor from a good ole fashioned whoopee cushion. Don't have one? No worries, there's an app for that!

Under Construction

While the skies are quiet we're busy building a new website! Stay tuned for the release date of our new and improved Classic Travel & Tours website, featuring content for our leisure, corporate and event clients!

Do you have some down time over the next few weeks? Take a stroll down memory lane by scrolling through your trip pics. Recall the joy travel brings! Please send us your favorite photos for us to include under our "Client Photographs" tab on our new website. Email pictures to any agent. Thank you in advance for sharing! And take comfort knowing that we will be here for you to help plan your next adventure.

Virtual Vacation Tours We are determined to help you see the world - one way or another! Until it's deemed safe to once again travel, please enjoy these virtual tour links. We look forward to helping plan your in-person travel soon.

Europe Travel Videos

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