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While there are a plethora of platforms to buy a vacation on today, how do you know you are spending your vacation dollars wisely? How do you know that your expectations will match your reality? How will you know that in the time of crisis there will be someone to assist you? When you purchase your vacation through Classic Travel & Tours you are benefiting from more than 25 years of expertise, stability, and integrity. We understand it's not only your investment, but more importantly, it's your memories. 


Free! Complimentary! With our pleasure! Words or phrases that warm all of our hearts. Who doesn't love a free upgrade, complimentary breakfast or a spa credit...with our compliments? Often through our relationships with hoteliers and cruise lines we can bring these types of amenities to your vacation. Showering you with perks allows us to show how much we appreciate your business!

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Is your flight on time? Don't worry we have you covered! For our clients, there is no hunting through emails for your hotel confirmations and searching multiple apps to find out what airline you are flying next. While Classic Travel & Tours' mantra is the human touch, we understand technology plays a huge role in our lives today. We deliver to you automated, customized itineraries that aggregate your data so that you don't need to. Travel with ease when you travel with us!

NEW to Classic Travel & Tours?

We are here for you every step of the way

Introductions. Upon initial contact, we will share information about our company and how we operate, and listen and learn what assistance you are seeking.

Get to know you. During the intake process, we will chat with you to learn more about you and your travel preferences.  This will help us select options best suited for you so we can start planning your fun.

Creating your custom travel itinerary.  As your trip starts to take shape, we will send you your very own custom collaborative itinerary and trip planning tool.  We will make suggestions for transportation, excursions and other fun with a suggested timeline of when we should book reservations.

Finalize the details.  Once your trip plans have been finalized, we will review your entire trip with you from departure to return, answering any questions you may have.

Watch over you while you’re traveling. We watch your flights for hiccups and proactively rebook when needed so you don’t have to stress at the airport. We stay connected with you via our travel app, email and by phone to personally answer questions, problem solve or just to hear about your day!

Welcome home! We follow up with you to hear all about your adventures, making notes of your favorite spot for dinner or the name of your witty tour guide. We love seeing and sharing PHOTOS that you may be willing to share! All of this feedback helps the next traveler.


Travel is a way of life for our firm and for our family, so Classic has become our way of life for over 20 years.  Our travel is very demanding - over 200 ACTIVE travelers, each with their own preferences and all with carry-on only because plans usually change at a moments notice with flight issues or new schedules.  Classic is there for us.  In fact, they have gotten me out of more tight squeezes than I can count.  Thanks for everything! 

Hiter Harris (Co-Founder of Harris Williams)

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